13 Best Family Camping Cookware Sets of 2023

family camping cookware sets

A happy camping experience has got a lot to do with good food, and in order to cook good food you need good cookware.  So we have put together this post all about the best family camping cookware sets.

If you are tired of fitting mismatched pots and pans to your camping luggage, relax and take a break. It is time you buy something clever, simpler, cost friendly, and space-efficient, i.e., camping cookware sets and we have everything you need to know in this best family camping cookware sets post.

Camping Cookware on a table with the text the best camping cookware sets for families; updated for 2022

Why do you need specific camping cookware over household cookware?


Well, the answer is that you are going camping under the stars in the middle of nowhere.

The added moisture in the open can destroy your household items by rusting, or you may end up dirtying them and ruining features such as non stick as even on organised camp sites the washing up provision isn’t as good as at home.

Another problem is that if you plan to cook over a fire, your household item would be beyond recognizable after cooking a few times.  You won’t be happy that you took your at home pots believe me!

You may also like to take a look at our Ultimate Camping Cooking Gear List to make sure you have everything that you need.

Camping cookware sets make packing easier as they are typically designed to fit together and so take up less space when camping.  They are also typically designed to be lightweight.

Family Camping Cookware Sets – our top picks

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Family camping cookware sets – comparisons

To simplify life, the market nowadays offers a variety of ready-made sets falling under the category of ‘camping cookware’ to save you from the extra time and efforts required in putting together separate items as one unit.

For your convenience, we’ve rated the best cookware options and have sorted them by their materials – steel, iron or aluminium.  We have then rated them based upon their practicality and the amount of luxury they offer so that you could comfortably decide what suits your pocket and needs.

Cast iron camping cookware on Amazon


Selection criteriaItem’s name
 Lodge pre-seasoned cast iron combo cooker, 2-piece set, 10.25″, black


Cuisinel pre-seasoned cast iron skillet 3-piece chef set (8-Inch, 10-Inch, 12-Inch)Stansport cast Iron 6-piece cookware setLodge cast iron cook-it-all kit. five-piece cast iron setCuisinel Cast Iron Cookware 8 pc set


[amazon box=”B0009JKG9M”][amazon box=”B081RZNP56″][amazon box=”B001XUS6AC”][amazon box=”B07NLKLFNB”][amazon box=”B07HKHSR47″]
Need satisfactionA basic two piece set for a small family which can operate in three ways i.e. as a fryer, deep skillet, and a Dutch oven. Additionally, it can be used on firewood, stove, grill, or in an oven.These 8ʺ, 10ʺ, and 12ʺ skillets can be used on grills, stoves and induction tops to fry, sauté, bake, grill, and braise food.Ideal for a medium sized family, and offers the facility of using specified equipment for different purposes.This set is compact, yet all of its part can be used in one way or the other i.e. a grill, wok, a skillet, and flat hot plate.This is one of the most comprehensively ideal set which can cater a large family.
Added luxuryIts lid can also be used independently as a deep skillet.Lifetime warrantyComes with an oven lid lifter, and a hot handle holder.Comes with two added safety handles along with a manual based on 33 pages (includes 200 recipes).

The flexibility of the set makes it a great space saver

The overall package includes silicone pan handles so that you can cook over the fire and remove the pans without risk of scalding yourself


Stainless steel camping cookware on Amazon


Selection criteriaItem’s name
 Texsport backpackers stainless steel copper bottom outdoor camping cookware set


Alb 5 piece stainless set camping cooking set


Stanley Adventure Even Heat Pro 11 piece Cookware set

Bramble – 9 Pc Stainless Steel Camping Cooking Set – Pots, Pans, Plates & More


[amazon box=”B0009JKG”]‎[amazon box=”B010M8D182″][amazon box=”‎B084G7PLRC”][amazon box=”‎‎B07C7DFYLC”]
Need satisfactionThis set of three (a frying pan, two pots of varying sizes, all of which have copper bottoms) can suffice a standard family in a good price.This is a set of 3 pans and two frying pans which stack together and have a bag to carry them inThis is a serious cookware set with a hefty price tag, but it has everything you need and is strong.

It meets the needs of large families for sure and whilst it is an investment it will last for years

This set has practical sized pots which work for a group, but it also comes with plates and sporks – only two of each so isn’t as practical for a larger family, but is perfect for two
Added luxuryIt comes with a nylon storage bag, an added plastic cups. Each utensil has insulated handles too.This set has a frying pan with a locking handle, and a separate nylon mesh bag in which all parts can nestThe bottoms of the pans have a multi layer bottom so that they heat evenly when cooking over campfires.  This will increase the life of your pansThe set stacks conveniently together so it can be packed easily


Aluminum camping cookware sets


Selection criteriaItem’s name
 Coleman camping cookware | 5-piece aluminum nesting mess kit


Bulin lightweight backpacking camping cooking mess set


Jackbaggio new outdoor camping pan backpacking camping cookware mess kit


Vango Cook 5 piece Set – Aluminium Camping Cookware Set – Silver


Price range‎[amazon box=”‎B0009PUR4A”]‎[amazon box=”‎B07S7CYBX3″]‎[amazon box=”B07Y1R9B5Y”][amazon box=”‎B0061JN6NC”]
Need satisfactionThis set can suffice a regular family with all necessary equipment.This set is available in different sizes depending on your family size.

Everything stacks together and it is like a kitchen in a bag!

This set contains the bare essentials; a non-toxic anodized aluminium pot and frying pan.

There are differing sized sets depending on how many people are in your family

This set is very practical for a medium – large family.

The large pot can easily cook enough pasta for a family of 6

Added luxuryIt comes with a an 8oz aluminum cup.Comes with a sponge as a cleaning supply and also some of the set sizes include bowls and plates for up to 7 people.Added tableware (a fork, knife, and spin) come with some of the sets.

Comes with a storage bag as well.

The pots are stackable as the handle is detachable so it makes it easier to take away with you



Cast iron camping cookware may be a good choice when it comes to heat resistance and longevity for camp fire cooking, but it tends to be much higher in price and it is also very heavy so not perhaps as practical as some of the other options.  The aluminium sets are great from the perspective of weight and price and as a family these are typically our choice, but recently we have moved towards the stainless steel sets as although they are not non stick they can also be scrubbed and we have found that the non stick tends to wear off after a while anyway…

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