The 12 Best Camping Quotes to inspire your family

best camping quotes
camping quotes to inspire

I do love a good inspirational camping quote;  one that makes you feel like to can't wait to get off on that next family camping trip.  Camping quotes are also great for instagram - I know that is what you are here for *ha ha*

Gathering together these best camping quotes to inspire your family really inspired me and made me think about all of the reasons we love family camping. 

I really hope that if you are someone who is thinking about going family camping, but isn't quite sure this list of camping quotes will convince you to give it a go. 

I won't tell you that family camping is always really easy there is work involved, but the freedom and it gives the family and the relaxation that comes when sitting by the tent watching the kids run around makes all the set up worth it.

Read our post on family camping tips and tricks to get some ideas for making it easier and more comfortable to go camping with the kids.

If you are an experienced camper who already enjoys camping with the family then this list of the best camping quotes will get you all motivated for your next trip or take you back to that last fun family camping trip you had.  Maybe you might like to frame some quotes and put them around the house as a reminder of good times.

How ever you choose to use this camping quotes list I hope you enjoy them and remember:

Life is best when you are camping!!

camping quotes

“Oh Darling Let’s Be Adventurers”

This quote always makes me think of those old kids films like Swallows and Amazons.  You know the ones with frightfully posh children who were always off adventuring in a way I longed to do, but of course wasn't allowed - after all no one would let their kids sail off in a small boat and camp on an island without a grown up would they?  Still it sounded marvellous and camping always feels just a little bit adventurous somehow.

Camping quotes

This might be one of my very favourite camping quotes as it does really sum up the feeling I get when we are off into the woods.  There is something beyond tranquil about being amongst the trees.

“I Love Camping. Life Is Good In The Woods”

“Sleep Under The Stars”

Have you ever actually done this?  I did once at the foot of Uluru in Australia and it was magical, if not just a little scary...

“I Don’t Care How Long It Takes, I’m Going Somewhere Beautiful”

After the year we have all had I think many of us feel this way...  Sometimes we just all need to get out and it almost doesn't matter where you are going or when just as long as you are going somewhere.

The Best Camping Quotes; Having Fun

camping quotes fun

“Welcome To Our Campsite Where Friends And Marshmallows Get Toasted At The Same Time”

If you have never been on a family camping trip and are concerned that it is all about the hard work of setting up, cooking outside and washing dishes then think again.  You do have to do all that stuff, but the reward (especially if you go with friends) is that the kids go to bed in the tent and you get to sit outside by the campfire having drinks and chats for as long as you want.

That brings me nicely to this one:

“A Bonfire Is Basically Just A Nightclub In The Mountains”


'Live Love Laugh Camp”

Family Camping Quotes; getting outdoors

Family camping rules - camping quotes

“Camping rules. Stare at the fire. Listen to the birds. Jump in the lake. Read. Take a nap. Relax. Watch the sunset. Cook over the fire. Breathe the fresh air.”

This is everything I love about camping.  There is always opportunity for relaxation and so often an afternoon nap!  The fresh air and being in nature is good for everyone.  We all need to 

"Go Play Outside"

It isn't just for the children...  Adults benefit from being outside more too.  The benefits of being outdoors are huge for your mental health and physical well being.

Camping quotes therapy

"I Don’t Need Therapy, I Just Need To Go Camping"

Seriously it is true...  Being outside and enjoying a simpler way of life even just for a few days makes such a difference and helps me to reset and regroup.  If you haven't tried it give it a whirl!

"Camping hair don't care"

When we go camping I must say that I still wear a bit of makeup - that is just me, but it is definitely not a glamour parade.  It is trackie bottoms and sweatshirts with a bun thrown up on the top of my head and that is quite liberating too!

So we hope that we have inspired you to try camping with these quotes or reminded you why it is so fantastic...