The ultimate guide to Lazy Mom camping

Who says that camping has to be hard?  Who said that you have to bring everything you own and make gourmet meals???  Not me!  If you are looking for a way to do lazy mom camping then we have the hints and tips that you need and by the way I don’t actually think it is lazy mom camping I think it is smart mom camping…

How can I make camping fun for my whole family?

You don’t have to spend 3 weeks packing for a camping trip and have every meal be a complex feast or have every moment organised with activities for the kids.  Honestly they will be just as happy playing in the dirt as they will doing a back to nature craft.  They don’t need clean outfits for every minute of the day and you don’t have to allow for every single eventuality – unless you are literally out in the wilderness you can always head to the shops if you really need to.  So think about what you really need to bring in order to make the trip fun and practical and leave the rest behind.

Having said that I like planning out fun meals as I like cooking so I still do that for camping when I want to and I still bring some activities for the children as in the UK we are likely to have rain and part of going camping is for me having a break too so part of lazy mom camping is organising some stuff in advance so that I can chill when we are there.

So my first tip is prepare the things you enjoy or the things that will make your life easier when you are away after all if there is one thing that is sure to make camping fun for the whole family it is a relaxed and happy mom who has time to play and make memories – not one who is stressing about making the next meal.  Lazy mom camping is not about being lazy it is about being prepared and allowing yourself the freedom to have fun too.  Making camping fun for my whole family includes you right!

How can I take less camping?

Plan in advance is my top tip here.  Think about what you are actually going to do.  We have all of our camping gear sorted into storage bins , but I don’t everything with us each time instead I sit for a few minutes before each trip and just think about where we are going and what we are going to need.  I use my camping checklist which you are going to want to grab now (if you haven’t already) and just cross off anything I know we don’t need before I start the packing.