Taking the Family Camping can seem like hard work

- especially if you have little kids

And that is exactly why we created Family Camping Life!

Hi my name is Kirsty Hall and I am the founder of Family Camping Life.  Our mission here is simple.  We are all about making taking kids camping easy and fun.  We want to help families spend more time camping and less time working out what you need to bring and what the best products are.

Not only do we have well researched and detailed guides to camping essentials which are easy to understand and comprehensive, but we also have top tips and family camping hacks based on our experiences as a family who love camping.  

If that weren't enough all of our articles are written with you, the reader, in mind.  We know what it is like to be a family going camping for the first time and not knowing where to start and then to love family camping and want to discover the best, smallest or nice to have kit that makes camping with kids a great experience for the whole family.

Some of Our Popular Guides

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Get to know us

Kirsty Hall - Managing Editor

I am Kirsty a mother of 4 kids with only 4 years between them.  Having four little kids left the husband and I wondering how we would ever go on holiday again (most hotel rooms only cater for 5) and then we discovered family camping and the world (well as far as we could drive) became our oyster.

I am not a natural camper as I do love my creature comforts, but I soon discovered that with a few key items in your camping kit you can make camping super comfortable and get outdoors and into nature.

Now we love camping with the kids and go whenever we can.  We have amassed a camping kit that helps to make camping with kids easy and organised and love being able to share the benefits of all our research and experience with you to help more people experience and fall in love with family camping.