portable toilet for camping

The 8 Best Portable Toilets for Camping

So you settle down for the night in your cosy sleeping bag and then it happens… You need the loo and the shared facilities are all the way across a dark field.  It is never a fun experience and is one of the things that people are most concerned about when they think of camping.  

Welcome to the joys of a portable toilet...

But  which type should you get?  Which ones work and which are the best in each category?  

Who knew there was so much to think about when going to the loo!?

Here we explain it all and give you our pick of the 9 best portable toilets that we have found.  


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portable toilet for camping

Why would you need a portable toilet for camping?

  • If you are visiting a more basic campsite with few or in the age of covid-19 where many facilities are closed or may be more busy than you are comfortable with
  • If you have young children and don’t want to spend your whole camping trip going backwards and forwards taking them to the toilets
  • In case you have a pitch that is far away from the toilet block.  Not an issue during the day, but in the middle of the night it definitely could be
  • So that young children can go to the toilet alone during the night as of course you wouldn’t want them going outside in the dark
  • If you are heading off to festivals or anywhere where the toilets are just too grim to use
  • For those times when you wake up just busting to go and would never make it if you had to put on shoes and run across a field

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Portable Toilets

Any toilet that can be moved so not plumbed in counts as a portable toilet, but that doesn’t mean you will be able to take it camping with you so you need to be thinking about space when choosing your portable toilet for camping.  

A lot of the portable toilets are more suitable for caravans, campervans or motorhomes.  These portable toilets can feel a bit more like what you are used to at home and some can even be flushed, but they still need to be emptied of course.  They are bulky so probably not realistic for most car campers especially if you are camping with the family and need to fit the kids in too! 

If you don't have space for a large portable toilet you might find one of the camping toilets listed below more suitable.  These tend to include a bucket which you can at least pack other things in on the way.

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Krispich Portable Camping Toilet

This portable toilet is one of our favourites for its practical design 

What we love about it

It has a waste level indicator so it is easy for you to see the level of contents by just looking at it.

It has a 20 litre waste container whish detaches easily and has a carry handle so it is easy to carry to the waste facilities.  This helps to make it hygenic and easy to clean

It can be used with or without chemicals so if you are just using water you would be able to simply empty the waste into the onsite toilets.  This makes it far more flexible

It offers a double flush system which enables it to flush faster and use less water

What we don't like

It is quite big  at 41cm x 35cm x 41cm, but this does have the trade off of having a proper sized toilet seat.  

The unit weighs over 6kg which means it is robust and sturdy, but add in water and waste and carrying the waste section to the waste disposal area could be tough

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Thetford  Porta Potti 365

This is one of the pricer portable toilets, but it is very popular and is a quality item so it makes our 'best' list

What we love about it

This a well crafted piece of camping kit which has a 20 litre waste container which is easy to empty (watch out for splash back if you are emptying into a toilet as it empties quickly)

It has a good height and size seat so is more akin to using your toilet at home than some other models

It has a piston pump flush system which is easy to use and effective along with  a waste level indicator so you know when you need to empty it

The unit is well sealed to contain any smells and prevent any leaks and isn't likely to tip over

It is quite light at only 4kg which is a plus for transportation and emptying

What we don't like

The size at 41.4 x 38.3 x 42.7 cm it is one of the bigger portable toilets so could be tough for a family to fit in for car camping trips

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Thetford Porta Potti 335

This porta potti from Thetford again has a higher price tag that some others, but it is also one of the most compact of the flushable toilets so it is one of our top 3 portable toilets

What we love about it

The size - for a portable toilet which flushes this is a great size at 31cm x 34cm x 38cm.  It is considerably smaller than the others.  This might not suit everyone as of course it means a smaller toilet seat, but for us space is at a premium when going family camping so this one is a winner

The weight - at only 3kg this is the lightest of all the portable toilets that we have found which makes the idea of carrying the waste much more realistic for me

There is an indicator for the waste levels so you know when to empty it

If you are using the toilet in a motorhome or campervan it comes with the kit for attaching it to the floor so it will be secure and even more like your toilet at home

What we don't like

The flush water tank is only 10L so more refilling will be required. Equally the waste tank is just 10L which means more empyting, but it is a smaller unit so this is not surprising and does mean that everything is lighter too!

It is quite low down so get practising those squats!

This portable toilet is very popular so goes out of stock a lot  especially at the moment with covid means that often campsite toilets are shut

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Camping Bucket Toilets

If you don't have the space for one of the portable toilets above, but still want to have a toilet to take with you then a bucket toilet might be the answer. 

They are basically buckets with toilet seats attached, but even this makes going to the loo whilst camping much easier than a bucket alone or going  for the wild wee option...

In the middle of the night having any form of toilet in your tent or even better in a separate [amazon link="B086QWGJGJ" title="toilet tent" /] is a vast improvement on having to run across a field in the middle of the night or keep running across the field when your kids need the loo!

Fineway  Portable Grey Camping Toilet

If you have space to transport it this is our favourite design of non flushing bucket style camping toilet as it is practical and user friendly and comes with a great price tag.

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There are several brands which make a very similar toilet to this one and so we have included links to all of the others which have a great user response.  These toilets go in and out of stock lots due to demand so it helps to have options

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What we love about it

The removable waste bucket which also has a lid and handle makes this very easy to empty and clean.  You don't have to take the whole thing to empty just this 5l container.  The lid also makes this process feel less treacherous 

The toilet seat also has a lid on it which is great for keeping in any smells.  If your children are slightly older you can even ask them to replace the inner container lid too to really keep in the smells overnight

The bucket design means that you don't have to use a bag in it which is better for the environment

It is sturdy and doesn't tip over - always important

It has a loo roll holder integrated which is great for keeping loo rolls off the floor especially if you are using a toilet tent without a base 

What we don't like

The size - whilst it is good height wise this does mean that it is big 34cm x 39.5cm x 48.5cm.  This is really quite big so you need to make sure you have room for it!

Green Blue  Portable Toilet

This portable toilet for camping is one that definitely looks more like a bucket than a toilet, but it is functional and good value.  

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What we love about it

It comes in some fun colours so doesn't look so much like a loo if it is in your tent porch.   

The recess underneath the bucket which you use to help you quickly and easily empty the bucket. This is a great practical solution.

The bucket design means that you don't have to use a bag in it which is better for the environment, but this is quite a large bucket so rather noisy if you are the first person to use it without a bag

You can easily detach the handle to use it as a loo roll holder again this is very practical 

What we don't like

Its not as balanced as some of the other options so can feel a little wobbly

The toilet seat itself is quite narrow so can feel a little strange to start with and is perhaps not as easy for little children to use as it is a wider opening than they might be used to

Bran Q 1306 Camping Toilet

This is one of the lower cost camping toilets that we are including in our reviews and in our opinion it is a winner.

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What we love about it

The size at 44.5cm it is a good height for sitting on...

The weight at only 1.5kg is great for when you need to empty it

The toilet seat has a lid on it which is great for keeping in any smells - this isn't secure though so don't try to transport which any deposits in 

The bucket design means that you don't have to use a bag in it as well if you prefer not to.

It comes in Pink, Grey and Blue - if you are going  to have a camping toilet around the place it can always look nice right?!? 

What we don't like

The size - whilst it is good height wise this does mean that it is big 35.5cm L x 37.0cm W x 44.5cm H.  This is actually bigger than some of our top pick portable toilets (chemical toilets), but it is considerably cheaper and as there is a bucket you can always pack other items in it whilst you travel.

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TOOGOO Portable Foldable Toilet

This type of portable toilet for camping is our absolute favourite because for a family of 6 without a van space is at a premium when going on a family camping trip.  Having a toilet that folds, but is still sturdy really is the ideal solution, but there are flaws...

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What we love about it

It folds flat so it is really easy to find a spot in a roof box or car boot.  This also means you can simply pack it away during the day if you don't need it

It has additional beams to make it more sturdy and safe.   This isn't the case with all folding framed portable toilets

The toilet seat is thick and so feels comfortable

What we don't like

You have to  use bags with this toilet and it can be hard to find biodegradable ones also trying to empty these bags can be a precarious business!

Oshidede Folding Portable Camping Toilet

This is another great option if you are family who has little space for transporting their family camping gear, but wants to include a camping toilet

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What we love about it

The design really is very clever as it folds flat, but then is simple to put it up.

It is easy to clean as you can wash the whole thing under a tap

What we don't like

The environmental impact of using bags within the toilet and you do need to use bags so we recommend compostable bags.  You can even bury these ones if you are wild camping

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With little kids it feels a little risky to have a toilet without a lid that is also low enough down for them to accidentally kick or even collapse 

Not as comfortable to sit on as some of the other options, but no one is planning to hang out on a portable toilet for long so not a huge issue

Environmental Concerns

Let’s be honest using a portable toilet for camping is not the most environmentally friendly option unless you are able to bring along a portable composting toilet so we would always use the provided toilet blocks where possible and only use the portable toilet for night time really.

If you can’t bring a portable composting toilet with you and most of us can’t (I would have to leave a child behind to fit one in) then you can reduce your environmental impact by using [amazon link="B07KWG4RZC" title=" compostable bags" /] or at the very least biodegradable bags.

The best portable toilet for camping option for the environment, if you can is to use a bucket portable camping toilet and fill it half with water before you start so that you can just empty it down the toilet provided on site.

4 Benefits Of Using A Portable Camping Toilet

  • Less social interaction needed.  You will be able to  avoid using communal toilet blocks and so stay further away from others whilst camping
  • No overnight rushing out of the tent with small children (or yourself ;))  No one wants to get up in the middle of the night and have to head across a field
  • Increased privacy as you can use your own toilet within your own tent or toilet tent
  • Fewer trips to the  toilet with the kids.  If you have a young family you will end up having to take them to the communal toilets as of course you won't want them to go alone.  If they are just having to go to your tent or toilet tent you will be able to let them go alone.

6 Things To Look For In A Good Portable Toilet for Camping

  • Stability;  consider how stable your portable toilet for camping actually is.  You need to be able to sit on it without it tipping over
  • Size;  the size of the portable toilet is essential.  Consider how much space you have within your camping set up and remember  that you need to transport it to and from the camp site too
  • Height;  A taller toilet and higher seat level will feel more comfortable when you use it, but this may make the unit bigger and less transportable 
  • Cleaning;  how easy is the portable toilet to clean?  You don't want this to be impossible to do or a very messy job as that will make all of the positives disappear 
  • Emptying; you will want a portable toilet that is simple and clean to empty.  Look for one with a wide top opening to reduce the chance of blockages
  • Weight;  Look for a portable toilet for camping that you can lift.  Be sure to factor in the weight of any waste so you know you can empty the product when needed.

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