Everything you need in your Camping First Aid Kit

Camping First Aid Kit

When you are planning your next family camping trip and thinking about all the amazing fun you are going to have, don't forget the the practical stuff like your camping first aid kit.  Hopefully you won't need to use any of it, but getting into the great outdoors does have potential for the need of a plaster or two...  You will definitely want to take along a camping first aid kit just in case.

Camping First Aid Kit

This post is all about what you need to have in your camping first aid kit so that you can be ready for any emergency or mishap and here I am talking about you putting together you own kits, but you can buy ready made first aid kits too just like this one:

What you need for the ideal camping first aid kit

Ok let's get into it and start thinking about what you need to include in that family camping first aid kit.  You will of course also need a bag to put it in so keep reading for our suggestions and options

Dealing with Cuts and Grazes

Disposable Gloves

When you are outside in nature you 100% need some disposable gloves for helping with any cuts or injuries as they act as a barrier to against you passing any bacteria into wounds and also protect you.

Non-latex gloves can work well for camping as they have specifically been designed to withstand punctures and are of course perfect for those allergic to latex.


Experts in the field of disease control and prevention recommend using regular soap and water to get rid of pathogenic bacteria as we all know in our post COVID world, but when you are in the middle of a camping trip you may not always have water available and it will often not be warm enough to deal with any nasties so having some hand sanitiser in your camping first aid kit is a great idea. Especially when looking after someone with physical trauma as, of course, you want to make sure that your hands are perfectly clean when you are helping someone with an open wound.

When purchasing one, make sure to get something with higher alcohol content (at least 60% if not more) and for the first aid kit alcohol wipes would also be very useful.


Having disinfectant wipes or lotion is really key to looking after a cut or wound especially when you are outside.  You want to be able to ensure that any wound or cut is clean and free from bacteria. Benzalkonium Chloride antiseptic wipes, regular alcohol swabs, or anything you can find for this purpose from your local medical store can prove very helpful.

Sterile Water

Small sealed bottles of sterile water can be very helpful for washing out cuts or indeed eyes if they are irritated or if someone gets something in their eye

Dressings and Bandages

Gauzes pads

These are square-shaped pads made of loosely woven cotton fabric used to provide your wound with enough space to breath while absorbing any added discharge. If not available in the form of pads, this fabric can be purchased in the form of long bandages which can be cut according to need. Sometimes, pieces of cotton are also folded into these bandages to make padding (which is placed on top of the wound after treating it with an ointment.

Crepe Bandages

Next in line are the bandages which will help you keep your gauze bandage or gauze pads in place.

You might also want to include some heavyweight stretch crepe bandages to support twisted ankles etc... 

Medical tape

To hold both the gauze and crepe bandages in place, the third essential element for your camping first aid kit is adhesive tape. 


Having band aids in your camping kit is so essential as nothing makes a kids feel better when they have fallen over than a plaster!  I recommend having them in all shapes and sizes and making sure they are waterproof as camping trips can be damp.

I also recommend having some of these blister plasters too as they are great for sore feet after that hike.

Steri Strips

We are a bit obsessed with always having steri strips with us in our camping first aid kit after one of our daughters tripped and cut her forehead on one trip.  


You are going to need these if you have to cut bandages etc...  I recommend having a specific set for your first aid kit as you can then be sure that they are clean and they also tend to be sharper and better at cutting bandages.  A stainless steel pair of scissors would be great as you’ll be using it in places where you may not be able to avoid moisture.

Dealing with splinters


You may need to pluck a brow, but these tweezers are not for that they are for those infernal splinters that kids always seem to get when camping.

Dealing with minor burns

Burns Ointment and Dressings

If you are planning a campfire or to cook anything having some burns ointment and burns specific dressings is a great idea.

Antiseptic ointments for topical use

Along with soothing and protecting your wounds, minor burns, cuts, and rashes from infections, these topical care creams can keep them moist. It prevents the affected area from sticking to the bandage you have been using.


When it comes to medications you will want to stock your first aid kit with, NSAIDS (Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs), topical antiseptic creams, painkillers for those pesky headaches, children's paracetamol in case of temperatures etc... and anti histamines in case of any allergies. 

Warm and cold compresses

Depending upon the situation, you can make use of both. Well, in case of swollen and painful injuries, it’s always ideal to use the cold ones. However, when it comes to muscular strains and stiffness, you can make use of the warm compresses.  The warm ones can also be useful if it is cold at night!

A first aid manual

There are certain practical tips you need to know when you are actually encountering a particular situation. That’s when a well-structured, easy to understand and updated first aid manual can serve as a lifesaver. It can also remind you of important things you could be forgetting out of panic.

An emergency phone number directory

Nobody wants to use this while on a family camping trip, yet life, in reality, is unpredictable. You never know if there comes a time when things go out of your hand. So, as a last resort, do keep such a directory in your kit.

 These are the main items we would recommend having in your camping first aid kit for those bumps and scraps that could occur and here is a shopping list that you can download which includes links to all of the items except the medicines (they are affiliate links remember)

Download your Camping First Aid Kit Shopping List Here

Camping First Aid Kit Shopping List